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Course 18 Months 24 Months 36 Months
Requirement 1) Keyboard with 37-44 black& white keys
2) Harmonium.
1) Keyboard with 49 or more black & white keys
2) Piano
1) Keyboard with more than 61 black & white keys
2) Piano
Course Specification* Entertainement Oriented (Right Hand Only) Entertainment Oriented Four Part Play(Both Hands) Professional certificate course Four Part Play
Duration 18 Months 24 months 36 Months
Materials 1) Right Harmonium Method + Mp3 cd.
2) Beginners Keyboard Music + Mp3 cd
3) Film Songs Book
4) Theory of Chord from our website.
1) The Keyboard Master 1,2,3 + Mp3 cd
2) Beginners Keyboard Music +Mp3 cd
3) Film Songs Book
4) Theory of Chord from our website.
1) The Keyboard Master 1,2,3,4 +Mp3 cd
2) Begginners Keyboard Music+Mp3 cd
3) Song Book
4)Theory of Chord from our website.
Languages English/Tamil/Hindi/Malayalam English/Tamil/Hindi/Malayalam English/Tamil/Malayalam
Doubt clearence Facility 18 months 24 months 36 months

* Entertainment oriented courses are based on your skill and talent for pure entertainment. We donot provide certificate for those.

Significant Features

. An applicant can opt either English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Malayalam as medium of instruction. Rudiments of Music, Tempos, various scales such as Major  & Minor Scales, Chords and different forms of Chords, Theory of Chords, Melodies, Worksheets, Theory of Tempo, Exercises and "Ragamalika" the Karnatic version are the major chapters included in the syllabus.
. The course makes you efficient in understanding the Tempo, Scales, Chords, Rhythms etc at once you hear a piece of music. Also it simultaneously prompts your finger to play in respective keys and to play the song on the key board and enjoy the music with overwhelming happiness.
. You can learn and practice on Key Board without any doubt since the notes have been arranged systematically. We are providing opportunities to clear your doubts through phone in program once in a week, e-mail or earth mail.
. You will be capable of reading any song on Key-Board after the completion of the course. The course shall make you able to play the Key board for entertainments, Stage shows, Bhajans. Church programmes and even as source of living. This would also be a boon to the yougsters who intend to join in various fields such as troops, musical troupes, film industry, and dance profession and so on.

You can either choose to learn the

Key Board Master course for 24Months + 12Months
Key Board English
Key Board Hindi
Key Board Malayalam
Key Board Tamil

Right Harmonium Method for 18 Month Course
Harmonium English
Harmonium  Hindi
Harmonium  Malayalam
Harmonium  Tamil

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About Course and Batches

. Simplified general Course/Batches for all the age groups above 14 yrs.
. Professional Batches/course for both hand practise, Four part play - Sevenscale Syllabus
. Professional courses/batches for higher studies Four part play with twelve scale syllabus
. Special batche courses for senior citizens and physically disables.
. Holy Mass batches / Courses for church choire lovers - Syro Malabar Rite
. Course/Text available in English, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam languages
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